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There are very few things more startling that seeing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror, except maybe having the same vision after one, or many drinks.

Hello, and welcome to our DUI site. While this is a very scary and tramatic time for you, it is imperative to take your time and plan your course of action. If you are here looking for information on DUI's, I think you will find a lot of helpful information about DUIs. If you are looking to hire a DUI or BUI lawyer, I would like the opportunity to discuss your case with you and advise you of what I can do for you. Call now to schedule a consultation with me, a DUI lawyer.

IMPORTANT: You Only have 10 days from your DUI arrest to preserve a very important right. Under the law, the Department of Motor Vehicles must suspend your Licence upon being arrested for DUI. This occurs, by law, if you refuse to provide a breath sample or blow over a .08.

A person arrested for DUI however has the right to an administrative hearing. If this is not properly requested, within the specified time period, your RIGHT to challenge the Administrative DUI Suspension is forever lost. Click to read more about DUI Administrative Suspensions.

You will be faced with many options on how to deal with your arrest and DUI charge. Should you plea to the DUI or fight your DUI? Should you hire and pay a private lawyer to fight your DUI? Can you qualify for the Office of the Public Defender to represent you, for a minimal charge, against your DUI? Or, should you go Pro Se', representing yourself, in fighting your DUI?

These are all good questions that must be decided by you. I suggest you get as much information as you can and become an educated consumer and decider. Before you descide to just plea to your DUI, as many people do, you should consider the consequences. While just pleading to your DUI to get it over with may seem a simple way to dispose of a headache, the cure might be worse.

Additionally, when deciding the answers to the above questions about handling your DUI, consider the other possible sanctions: loss of Driving Privilige and Drivers Licence, probation, whether being sentenced to jail is a possibility, victim impact pannels, community service, and other possible sanctions. While the law has certain Minimum Mandatory sentences for DUIs, there is no requirement that the Judge limit your punishment to the minimums. You could be sentenced to the Maximum senetnce allowed by law.

That's right, you could be sentenced to JAIL or PRISON for a DUI conviction.

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